How does California International Calling work?

Q Link Wireless is proud to provide California residents with FREE UNLIMITED international calling as part of the FREE Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) monthly plan. After your ACP application is approved, insert your FREE Q Link SIM Card into your phone and activate it. You can then begin making international calls to participating countries.

Which countries are included in California International Calling?

You can make FREE international calls to landlines in over 60 countries and mobile lines in 30 countries. Here are the countries that you can call.

Is texting included in California International Calling?

The FREE UNLIMITED California international calling plan does NOT include texts. If you would like to contact your loved ones internationally by text, you can download a free messaging app and use Wi-Fi to send and receive messages.

Do I need a particular phone or card to use California International Calling?

No. Once your smartphone is activated on Q Link’s 4G LTE/5G network, you can make calls from the United States to any country included on the California International Calling list. Please see a complete list of the countries you can call here.

To learn how to make an international call, click here.

How do I make an international call using California International Calling?

Making an international phone call from your smartphone using California International Calling is simple! Here’s how:

  1. Look up the country code for the country you want to call. We have a list of country codes here.
  2. Dial “+” and then the country code, followed by the rest of the phone number, and then place the call.

Is there a limit to making international calls using California International Calling?

California residents enjoy UNLIMITED international calls at NO cost. There are NO refills or payments required, and you will never have to worry about going over a monthly limit. So call your loved ones as much as you want!

Can I receive calls from another country if I have California International Calling?

Yes. If you have California International Calling, incoming international calls are treated the same way as other incoming calls and are included in your FREE UNLIMITED monthly plan.