Q Link Tablet – Your Ultimate Companion for Work and Play!

We are excited to announce that our latest product, the Q Link Tablet, has just been launched. As a popular provider of affordable wireless services, we have carefully crafted this cutting-edge device to provide our users with the ultimate touchscreen tablet experience.

The Q Link Tablet combines high-quality performance and advanced features to produce an incredibly versatile and user-friendly device that is sure to impress.  One of the key benefits of the Q Link Tablet is its sleek and compact design. We understand that our users are always on the go, whether they are commuting to work or just lounging at home.

Display and Camera: 8-inch touchscreen display, 5MP front-facing camera

The tablet has an 8-inch touchscreen display, providing a clear and vivid viewing experience. It also comes with 16GB of memory, providing ample storage space for photos, videos, and documents. For those who love taking selfies or video conferencing, the tablet features a 5MP front-facing camera, perfect for capturing memories or holding meetings.

Performance: A100 quad-core processor, Li-Polymer 3500mAh battery

The tablet runs on a powerful A100 quad-core processor, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience when using various apps. Additional features include a Li-Polymer 3500mAh battery, providing extended battery life, so you can stay connected throughout the day.

User-friendliness: Android 11 operating system, 3.5mm headphone/mic jack, additional storage option with micro-SD card

This tablet also includes a 3.5mm headphone/mic jack for clear and easy communication with others. Although it does not come with a micro-SD card, one can be added for additional storage.

Eligibility and Affordability: available to eligible customers with ACP Device Discount, one-time co-payment of $10.01, subject to availability

The tablet is available to eligible customers who have not yet used their Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Device Discount. The tablet has a one-time co-payment of $10.01, subject to product availability. This offer is funded by the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), and terms and conditions apply.

Versatility: suitable for work, education, and entertainment purposes.

Overall, the tablet is a great option for those who need something reliable and easy-to-use. Whether for work, education, or entertainment, the tablet fits perfectly into your life.

Do you want a Q Link Tablet?

As a Q Link Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) customer, you have the option to purchase a tablet at an incredibly low one-time co-payment of just $10.01 if you have not yet utilized your ACP discount. Would you like to learn more about this offer? Click here for additional information.

Q Link Tablet Specs

Operating System
Android 11
8-inch touch screen
16 GB
5MP front-facing
A100 quad-core
Li-Polymer 3500mAh
Headphone/Mic Jack
3.5 mm
Micro SD Capability
Yes, with an external card (not included)
One-time co-payment of $10.01
Subject to product availability
Offer funded by
Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)