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Can I bring my own phone to Q Link Wireless?

Yes, you can!

With Q Link’s Bring Your Own Phone program, we‘re bringing our network to the phone of your choice. Just follow these three easy steps to get started:

      1. Check Your Phone’s Compatibility
        To see if your phone is eligible for the BYOP program, enter your IMEI/ESN/MEID at www.qlinkwireless.com/BYOP.aspx
        To find your phone’s ID, take a look at our guide to finding your IMEI/MEID/ESN on your Android Phone or finding your IMEI/MEID/ESN on your iPhone.
        For a list of phones most possibly eligible with our network, check out our Masterlist of Compatible Phones.
      2. Q Link Setup
        Once you confirm your phone’s compatibility, we’ll let you know if you need a SIM card kit. If you do, we’ll ship it to you for FREE. If you don’t need a SIM card, we’ll activate your phone right away!
      3. Activate Your Phone
        To ensure that your phone is now activated on the Q Link Wireless network, you will need to follow these instructions.
        Be sure to check out our guide on how to back up your phone before performing any form of reset.

And now, you can transfer your number to Q Link as well!

A phone number is a super personal part of your identity. It’s what you give to people when you want to stay connected to them, and now you can easily bring it to our network.

To transfer your number or learn more about the process, just give us a call at 1-855-754-6543 and we’ll check to see if your number is eligible.

What if my phone doesn’t work or breaks?

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing technical problems with your cell phone. We understand troubleshooting can be difficult.

Please use the following links for quick and easy troubleshooting:


If you’ve followed these troubleshooting guidelines and you’re still having a problem, you may need to contact Customer Support at 1-855-754-6543 for further troubleshooting assistance. Please do not call from the phone you are experiencing problems with, call from a different phone so that we can speak with you while performing a few quick troubleshooting steps on your problem device.

Ready to upgrade?

If you’d like to order a new phone, you can order a replacement for a discounted rate of $25. For your convenience, you can pay over the phone or online with a debit or credit card in your name or with a prepaid gift card. Click here to use our easy online ordering system, or call 1-855-754-6543 to make your request by phone.

You may also bring a different smartphone to our network with Q Link’s Bring Your Own Phone program. All you need to do is confirm the eligibility of your phone to get started.

**If you reported that your phone, battery, or charger was broken, but it now works, there is nothing further for you to do except enjoy your free service!**

Phone User Manuals

Please check below to download your phone manual. Phones listed may no longer be available for purchase or replacement.

Don’t see your phone?
You can find the manual directly on the manufacturer’s website by using one of these links.

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Q Link’s ZTE Legacy

ZTEN817 Legacy
Model# N818S
ZTEN817 Legacy
ZTE Legacy
Model# N817
ZTEN817 Legacy
ZTE N9137
Model# N9137


ZTEN817 Legacy
ZTE Z3001S
Model# Z3001S
ZTEN817 Legacy
ZTE HP Poblano
Model# VLE5



Alcatel OneTouch Elevate / 5017B
Alcatel OneTouch Elevate
Model# 5017B
Alcatel OneTouch Conquest / 7046T
Alcatel OneTouch Conquest
Model# 7046T
Alcatel 2017B
Alcatel OneTouch Retro
Model# 2017B


Blackberry Curve / BB-8330
BlackBerry Curve 8330
Model# BB-8330


Blackberry 8703E / BB-8703E
BlackBerry 8703E
Model# BB-8703E
Blackberry 7130E / BB-7130E
BlackBerry 7130E
Model# BB-7130E


BlackBerry Curve 8530 / BB-8530
BlackBerry Curve 8530
Model# BB-8530
BlackBerry Pearl 8130 / BB-8130
BlackBerry Pearl 8130
Model# BB-8130


BlackBerry Style / BB-9670
BlackBerry Style
Model# BB-9670


HTC Desire 626
Model# 0PM92


HTC One M9
Model# PG76200


HTC Tiara 8XT / PO88100
HTC Tiara 8XT
Model# PO88100


HTC Touch Pro2 / T7380
HTC Touch Pro2
Model# T7380


HTC EVO 4G / PC36100
Model# PC36100


Model# APX325C


HTC Hero CDMA / Hero200
HTC Hero
Model# Hero200


HTC Mogul / PPC6800
HTC Mogul
Model# PPC6800
HTC Desire 626s 0PM9200
HTC Desire 626s
Model# 0PM9200


HTC Desire 510
Model# 0PCV100


HTC Mogul / PPC6800
Model# PK76300


HTC EVO Shift 4G / PG06100
HTC EVO Shift 4G
Model# PG06100


HTC EVO 3D / PG86100
Model# PG86100


HTC Snap / HTCS511
HTC Snap
Model# HTCS511


HTC Touch Pro CDMA / XV6850
HTC Touch Pro CDMA
Model# XV6850


HTC Touch Vogue / MP6900SP
HTC Touch Vogue
Model# MP6900SP
HTC Desire 610 / 0P4E100
HTC Desire 816
Model# OP9C300


HTC Desire 610 / 0P4E100
HTC Desire 610
Model# 0P4E100


HTC Touch Pro 2 / XV6875
HTC Touch Pro 2
Model# XV6875


HTC Apache / PPC6700
HTC Apache
Model# PPC6700


HTC Arrive - 7 Pro / PC93100
HTC Arrive – 7 Pro
Model# PC93100


HTC EVO Design 4G / PH44100
HTC EVO Design 4G
Model# PH44100


HTC One SV / PL80110
Model# PL80110


HTC Desire C / H1000
HTC Desire C
Model# H1000


Huawei Union / Y538
Huawei Union Y538
Model# Y538
Sprint Express / PCD-M650
Huawei Express M650
Model# PCD-M650


Kyocera HydroEdge / C5215
Kyocera HydroEdge
Model# C5215


Kyocera Event / C5133
Kyocera Event
Model# C5133


Kyocera DuraPlus / e4233
Kyocera DuraPlus
Model# E4233


Kyocera DuraMax / e4255
Kyocera DuraMax
Model# E4255


Kyocera DuraXT / e4277
Kyocera DuraXT
Model# E4277


Kyocera LOFT / S2300
Kyocera LOFT
Model# S2300


Kyocera Jax / S1360
Kyocera Jax
Model# S1360
Kyocera HydroIcon/ C6730
Kyocera HydroIcon
Model# C6730


Kyocera Echo / M9300
Kyocera Echo
Model# M9300


Kyocera Rise / C5155
Kyocera Rise
Model# C5155


Kyocera Brio / S3015
Kyocera Brio
Model# S3015


Kyocera Milano / C5120
Kyocera Milano
Model# C5120


Kyocera G2GO / M2000
Kyocera G2GO
Model# M2000


Kyocera Luno / S2100
Kyocera Luno
Model# S2100
Kyocera HydroVibe / C6725
Kyocera HydroVibe
Model# C6725


Kyocera Torque / E6710
Kyocera Torque
Model# E6710


Kyocera Hydro / C5170
Kyocera Hydro
Model# C5170


Kyocera DuraCore / E4210
Kyocera DuraCore
Model# E4210


Kyocera Coast / S2151
Kyocera Coast
Model# S2151


Kyocera Verve / S3150
Kyocera Verve
Model# S3150


Kyocera TNT / S2400
Kyocera TNT
Model# S2400


LG Realm / LS620
LG Tribute 2
Model# LS665


LG Realm / LS620
LG Realm
Model# LS620


LG Optimus L5 / E610
LG Optimus L5
Model# E610


LG Lotus / LX600
LG Lotus
Model# LX600


LG Remarq / LN240
LG Remarq
Model# LN240


LG Rumor / LN510
LG Rumor
Model# LN510


LG Rumor 2 / LX265
LG Rumor 2
Model# LX265


LG Lotus Elite / LX610
LG Lotus Elite
Model# LX610


LG Stylo
LG Stylo
Model# H631


LG Tribute Dynasty
Model# SP200
LG Optimus F3 / VM720
LG Optimus F3
Model# VM720


LG 101 / VM101
LG 101
Model# VM101


LG Rumor Reflex / LN272
LG Rumor Reflex
Model# LN272


LG LX290
LG LX290
Model# LX290


LG LX370
LG LX370
Model# LX370


LG Optimus S / LS670
LG Optimus S
Model# LS670


LG Rumor / LX260
LG Rumor
Model# LX260


LG G7 ThinQ
LG G7 ThinQ
Model# G710


LG Stylo 4
LG Stylo 4
Model# LGQ710


LG Stylo 3
Model# LS777
LG Marquee / LS855
LG G3 Vigor
Model# LS855


LG Optimus Slider / VM701
LG Optimus Slider
Model# VM701


LG Elite / LS696
LG Elite
Model# LS696


LG Viper 4G LTE / LS840
LG Viper 4G LTE
Model# LS840


LG LX160
LG LX160
Model# LX160


LG LG102
LG LG102
Model# LG102


LG Optimus G / LS970
LG Optimus G
Model# LS970


LG K30
LG K30
Model# LGX410


LG Tribute Empire
LG Tribute Empire
Model# LGX220


LG Stylo 5
Model# Q720PS


Motorola Triumph / WX435
Motorola Triumph
Model# WX435


Motorola Theory / WX430
Motorola Theory
Model# WX430


Motorola T603
Motorola T603
Model# T603


Moto g6 PLAY
Motorola moto g6 PLAY
Model# XT1922-7
Motorola Moto G / XT1548
Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen
Model# XT1548


Motorola Moto G / XT1031
Motorola Moto G
Model# WX435


Motorola XPRT / MB612
Motorola XPRT
Model# MB612


Moto e5 PLUS
Motorola Moto e5 PLUS
Model# XT1924-6
Motorola Moto E / XT1526
Motorola Moto E
Model# XT1526


MotoRAZR V3m
Motorola RAZR V3m
Model# V3m


Moto e5 PLAY
Motorola moto e5 PLAY
Model# XT1921-5



Nokia Lumia / RM-1078
Nokia Lumia
Model# RM-1078


Palm Treo 800
Palm Treo 800
Model# 800w
Palm Treo 850
Palm Treo Pro
Model# 850


Samsung Galaxy Nexus / SPH-L700
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Model# SPH-L700


Samsung Conquer / SPH-D600
Samsung Conquer
Model# SPH-D600


Samsung M300 / SPH-M300
Samsung M300
Model# SPH-M300


Samsung M320 / SPH-M320
Samsung M320
Model# SPH-M320


Samsung M330 / SPH-M330
Samsung M330
Model# SPH-M330


Samsung Seek / SPH-M350
Samsung Seek
Model# SPH-M350


Samsung Rant / SPH-M540
Samsung Rant
Model# SPH-M540


Samsung Exclaim / SPH-M550
Samsung Exclaim
Model# SPH-M550


Samsung Restore / SPH-M570
Samsung Restore
Model# SPH-M570


Samsung Galaxy A6
Samsung Galaxy A6
Model# SPH-A600PBLK
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime / G360P
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
Model# SPH-G360P


Samsung Galaxy II / SPH-D710
Samsung Galaxy II
Model# SPH-D710


Samsung Prevail / SPH-M820
Samsung Prevail
Model# SPH-M820


Samsung Factor / SPH-M260
Samsung Factor
Model# SPH-M260


Samsung / SPH-M220
Samsung M220
Model# SPH-M220


Samsung / SPH-M240
Samsung M240
Model# SPH-M240


Samsung / SPH-M360
Samsung M360
Model# SPH-M360


Samsung / SPH-M400
Samsung M400
Model# SPH-M400


Samsung / SPH-M270
Samsung M270
Model# SPH-M270


Samsung Galaxy J3
Samsung Galaxy J3
Model# J337P
Samsung Nexus S / SPH-D720
Samsung Nexus S
Model# SPH-D720


Samsung Prevail II / SPH-M840
Samsung Prevail II
Model# SPH-M840


Samsung Galaxy Rush / SPH-M830
Samsung Galaxy Rush
Model# SPH-M830


Samsung Transform / SPH-M920
Samsung Transform
Model# SPH-M920


Samsung Trender / SPH-M380
Samsung Trender
Model# SPH-M380


Samsung Array / SPH-M390
Samsung Array
Model# SPH-M390


Samsung Reclaim / SPH-M560
Samsung Reclaim
Model# SPH-M560


Samsung Instinct / SPH-M810
Samsung Instinct
Model# SPH-M810


Samsung Intercept / SPH-M910
Samsung Intercept
Model# SPH-M910


Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine
Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine
Model# J737P


Sanyo Pro 700 / PRO700
Sanyo Pro 700
Model# PRO700


Sanyo Juno / SCP-2700
Sanyo Juno
Model# SCP-2700
Sanyo Mirro / SCP-3810
Sanyo Mirro
Model# SCP-3810


Sanyo Katana LX / SCP-3800
Sanyo Katana LX
Model# SCP-3800
Sanyo Vero / SCP-3820
Sanyo Vero
Model# SCP-3820


Sanyo Innuendo / SCP-6780
Sanyo Innuendo
Model# SCP-6780


ZTE Warp Elite
ZTE Warp Elite
Model# N9518


ZTE Warp Sync / N9515
ZTE Warp Sync
Model# N9515


ZTE Chaser / VM2090
ZTE Chaser
Model# VM2090


ZTE Warp Sequent / N861
ZTE Warp Sequent
Model# N861


ZTE Tempo X
ZTE Tempo X
ZTE Max Plus
ZTE Max Plus
Model# N9521


ZTE Awe / N800
Model# N800


ZTE Warp Speed / N9130
ZTE Speed
Model# N9130


ZTE Warp / N860
ZTE Warp
Model# N860


ZTE Peestige 2
ZTE Prestige 2
Model# N9136
ZTE Vital / N9810
ZTE Vital
Model# N9810


ZTE Prestige / N9132
ZTE Prestige
Model# N9132


ZTE Reef / N810
ZTE Reef
Model# N810


ZTE Blade Force
ZTE Blade Force
Model# N9517