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Mobile Hotspot Basics

What is a mobile hotspot, and how does it work?

A mobile hotspot is a feature that allows you to create a portable Wi-Fi network using your smartphone or other compatible devices. It works by utilizing your device’s cellular data connection to provide internet access to other devices in its surrounding area, such as laptops, tablets, or other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

We now offer hotspot services at the incredible price of $9.99 for an entire year or 99 cents monthly. You can find further information on our website or by contacting our customer service team.

How do I set up and activate my Q Link Wireless Hotspot?

To set up and activate your Q Link Wireless Hotspot, follow these steps:

  1. Check compatibility: Ensure that your device is compatible with the Q Link Wireless Hotspot service. Not all devices may be compatible, so it’s important to verify this beforehand. 
  2. Purchase the hotspot plan: Visit the Q Link Wireless website or contact customer service to purchase the hotspot plan that suits your needs. We have hotspot service available for a one-time payment of $9.99 for the entire year or a monthly fee of 99 cents.
  3. Configure hotspot settings: Access the settings on your hotspot device to configure the hotspot settings according to your preferences. This may involve setting a Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password for others to connect to your hotspot. Click here for more information. 
  4. Connect devices: On the devices you want to connect to the hotspot, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings and search for the network name (SSID) of your hotspot. Select the network and enter the password if prompted.
  5. Start using the hotspot: Once connected, your devices should be able to access the internet through the Q Link Wireless Hotspot. You can now use the hotspot to browse, stream, or do any other internet activities.

Note: These specific steps and procedures for setting up and activating the Q Link Wireless Hotspot may vary depending on the device. It’s recommended if you have specific questions related to your hotspot you should contact Q Link Wireless customer service for detailed instructions tailored to your specific situation.

Coverage and Availability

Can I use my Q Link Wireless Hotspot anywhere, or are there specific coverage areas?

With our hotspot service, you can use it anywhere within our nationwide coverage area. We are proud to offer seamless connectivity on one of America’s largest 4G LTE/5G networks. Whether you are at home, traveling, or on the go, our advanced technology ensures that you stay connected and can browse the internet and connect your Wi-Fi-enabled devices with confidence. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service team.

Can I use my Q Link Wireless Hotspot while traveling internationally?

No, you cannot use your Q Link Wireless Hotspot while traveling internationally. The hotspot service is only available for use within the United States where Q Link Wireless offers coverage.

Device Connection and Limitations

How many devices can connect to my hotspot simultaneously?

With Q Link Wireless Hotspot service, you can connect multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously. To get more information about the capabilities of your hotspot device and the number of devices it can support, we recommend reaching out to our customer service team. They will be able to provide you with detailed information and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Can I share my Q Link Wireless Hotspot connection with friends or family members who are not Q Link Wireless customers?

Yes, you can share your Q Link Wireless Hotspot connection with friends or family members who are not Q Link Wireless customers. As long as their devices are compatible with the hotspot and can connect to Wi-Fi, they can use your hotspot to access the internet. Keep in mind that the hotspot has a limited range, so they need to be within the range of your hotspot device to connect.

Eligibility and Hotspot Benefits

Who is eligible to benefit from the Hotspot?

All new and existing customers of Q Link Wireless with a hotspot-compatible phone are eligible for the Hotspot Plans.

This means that if you are a Q Link Wireless customer and you have a phone that supports hotspot functionality, you can take advantage of the Hotspot Plans offered by us.

Can I use my Q Link Wireless Hotspot as a backup for my home internet connection?

Yes, you can use your Q Link Wireless Hotspot as a backup for your home internet connection. If your primary home internet service is temporarily unavailable or experiencing issues, you can rely on your Q Link Wireless Hotspot to provide internet access to your Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

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