How do I make a 911 emergency call using my Q Link Wireless phone?

Q Link Wireless customers have free access to 911. Simply dial 911 on your key pad and press send.

However, if you attempt to call 911 in an area where there is no wireless coverage or signal, your call may not successfully go through. In this rare event, please dial 911 from your nearest landline phone.

According to public safety officials, you should be able to provide your current location information whenever making a 911 emergency phone call. In contrast to landline phones, a variety of factors (for example: your location, your device’s GPS capabilities, and the local emergency service providers’ equipment) can help 911 operators determine your phone number, location, and the location of your device.

Sometimes, emergency service providers may route your emergency call to a local state patrol dispatcher or another set location. GPS technology may also be used to help provide your location; this is called Enhanced 911 service, or E911. Occasionally, if you place your call indoors or your device cannot acquire an accurate satellite signal, E911 won’t provide the most accurate location information.

I’ts also important to note that some cell phones include a safety feature that locks the keypad after dialing 911. If this is the case, simply follow the emergency service providers’ voice prompts.