How to Insert our SIM Card

Having trouble with your upgraded SIM Card? We’ve broken this down for you with a few videos that should help you get started.

Getting Started – I have my SIM Card Kit, now what?

Open the package to locate your SIM Card and the tools you’ll need to complete your activation.

The SIM Card Kit is divided into four steps:

  1. Locating Your SIM Card
  2. Performing a Network Reset
  3. Placing a Test Call
  4. Downloading the My Mobile Account app

Here’s a quick video to walk you through each step! And if you need help locating your SIM Card, this will help you find it, too.

I found my SIM Card, but I’m not sure how to insert it.

Inserting your SIM Card into your phone is the most important step of the activation process! It connects your phone to our new network. We also understand it can be a bit tricky to do, so we’ve broken this down for you step-by-step.

  1. Locate your SIM Card
Your SIM Card may be found underneath your phone’s back cover or in a tray on the side or top panel. You can use the ejector tool included in your SIM Card Kit to open the SIM tray.

2. Choose your SIM Card

Please select the right SIM Card size to fit into your phone’s tray. The back of your SIM Card includes three different sizes for you to use as a guide.

3. Insert your SIM Card

Carefully insert your new Q Link SIM Card (gold-side down) into the phone’s SIM slot and gently close the tray or back cover. You are all set! Follow the instructions on the screen to activate your phone. You may need to perform a Network Reset, and your phone will be ready to use.

Pro-tip: Some Android back covers will have a small indentation on the lower corner. This is where you can lift the cover up to remove it.

Troubleshooting – My SIM Card Isn’t Working With My ZTE

If you have a ZTE and are receiving an error message after inserting your upgraded SIM Card, this can be fixed by just updating your software.

Visit our guide here that will teach you how to update your software and get your phone up and running.