I am visually impaired. Can I request a large button phone?

Q Link Wireless ships out Android smartphones, which have options built-in for the visually impaired. In fact, most smartphones have these options – even iPhones! Smartphones released after 2016 have the ability to turn on enlarged icons for easier viewing, pinch to zoom, change contrast or even invert colors. The simplest option is to enable TalkBack if you have Android, or VoiceOver if you have iOS.
To have your phone read text aloud for you, follow these steps:


1. Go to Settings. (Locating your Settings menu will differ based on your Android version.)
2. Scroll down and select Accessibility.
3. Select TalkBack.
4. Select the desired Vision option.
5. If you have Android Lollipop installed on your phone, then you will also have the option for high contrast and color inversion.


1. Open the Settings menu on your Home screen.
2. Select General.
3. Select Accessibility.
4. Select Vision then select VoiceOver to toggle on and off.
5. Select the desired VoiceOver customization option. You will also see the option to increase contrast and invert colors.

For more information on setting up your phone to be more visually impaired friendly, click here: https://www.afb.org/blindness-and-low-vision/using-technology/cell-phones-tablets-mobile