What is Multi-Line?

Number of Lines and Pricing

You can add up to 4 extra lines, making a total of 5 lines in all.

 The price per line for both Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and LL (Lifeline) accounts is $10.

The cost per line for Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) accounts is $10.

The price per line for Lifeline (LL) accounts is $10.

Extra lines on both Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline (LL) accounts enjoy unlimited data.

Extra lines on Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) accounts have unlimited data.

Extra lines on Lifeline (LL) accounts come with 4.5GB of data along with the allocated minutes and text.

There will be no activation or SIM charge for extra lines.

Auto Pay is automatically added, and customers have the flexibility to cancel Auto Pay if they wish to do so.

Account Management
  • – Customers who transfer out of ACP will be downgraded to the 4.5 GB plan.
  • – When a customer transfers their benefit, service for the benefit line is suspended, and a bill of $9.25 is generated.
  • – All additional lines remain active and follow their regular billing cycle, even if all benefits are transferred.
  • – The line will remain active, offering only SMS services, for a duration of 45 days. This provides ample time for customers to either transfer their benefit back to Q Link Wireless or make a payment. Unpaid lines will be cancelled after the 45-day period.
Additional Services

The option to add refills, hotspot services, and international services to multi-lines will be available in phase 2, scheduled for December 2023.

Yes, there are prorated charges for the first month, plus an additional 5 days for the shipping window, with a minimum charge of $1.

Reactivation and Porting

Added lines will remain active with only SMS services for 30 days after a payment fails, after which they will be canceled.