What happens if I am not approved for Affirm?

Affirm doesn’t approve every application. You may be approved for a loan with some merchants, but not with others, or you may have received an Affirm loan in the past, but not be approved for another one right now. If your application can’t be approved, Affirm will send you an email that explains their decision. If your application was declined, you may still be eligible for approval in the future. Each loan application is considered separately, and since checking your eligibility doesn’t harm your credit score, applying in the future may yield a different result. If you still have questions on why your loan was not approved, please complete the form located at https://helpcenter.affirm.com/s/article/loan-approvals. Given the sensitive nature of the information associated with applications, Affirm’s customer care team may be able to provide you with additional information but will not be able to change the outcome of the application, provide specific details as to why you were declined, or suggest changes in order to get approved.