Why am I receiving an email about using my phone to avoid cancellation?

You may receive an email warning you about Lifeline service cancellation for any of the following reasons:

  1. You have not used your phone in a while
    Federal guidelines require you to use your Q Link phone at least once every thirty (30) consecutive days. Otherwise, your Lifeline phone service will be terminated. To avoid service deactivation, we send an automatic email to notify customers of this guideline. You will receive this email if you have not used your Q Link cell phone for a length of time. However, if you are not using your Q Link phone because you ran out of minutes earlier in the month, please disregard any messages about using your phone. Just make sure you use your phone once you receive your FREE minutes on the first of the month. Here’s how you can keep your Q Link service active:

      • Keep your Q Link phone charged and ON at all times
      • Place a call to a friend or family member right now.
      • Receive a call from a friend or family member right now.
      • Use your phone to send a text to a friend or family member right now.
      • Use the FREE Data (not Wi-Fi!) on your phone to surf the web, check social media, send or receive an email, watch a video, or use apps & features that require Data.
      • Call us toll-free at 1-855-754-6543 to speak with a Customer Support Representative.

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  2. You need to complete your Annual Recertification.
    Federal guidelines require all active Lifeline customers to recertify their eligibility for the Lifeline program once a year. If you do not recertify within your specified time period, your service will be canceled. We will contact you to verify that you are still enrolled in a government assistance program, or that your income still meets your state’s Federal Poverty Guidelines. We will remind you that it’s time to recertify via email, phone, text, and postcard. Completing your Annual Recertification is fast and easy, and recertification renews your FREE cell phone service for another year at no cost. Learn how to complete your Annual Recertification.
  3. You may have Lifeline service with another provider.
    You may have received a letter from USAC notifying you that you have more than one Lifeline service provider. According to government regulations, you may only have Lifeline service with one provider. To keep receiving your Lifeline service through Q Link Wireless with high-quality nationwide coverage, you must choose us as your sole Lifeline provider. To do so, please contact USAC at the toll-free number provided in their letter right away.