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Why didn’t I receive my confirmation email?

Please make sure that your confirmation email is not in your spam folder. If it is, make sure that you move the email to your inbox and add Q Link Wireless to your address book. This is an important step that will ensure you see and read all of our emails that contain order updates.
Or, if you’re a GMail subscriber, you may see your confirmation email in your “Promotions” folder instead of “Primary’”. Please note that GMail has updated the organization of your accounts’ inbox folder. Instead of having one inbox folder, GMail now has three: Primary, Social, and Promotions (with the option of adding Updates and Forums). To ensure you read all of Q Link Wireless’ emails, we ask you to please mark Q Link Wireless as a primary sender. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Click on the email, but do not let go of the mouse.
  2. Drag the email from the Promotions or Updates folder to the Primary folder’s tab until the email and the Primary folder tab turns light yellow and says “Move 1 conversation”. Release the mouse.
  3. Upon asking if you wish to mark future Q Link Wireless emails as Primary, click “Yes”.

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