How do I find my ICCID/SIM card number?

The ICCID serves as an essential identifier for your SIM card. It helps cellular networks recognize and authenticate your SIM card when you connect to their services. By knowing your ICCID, you can provide this information when required for troubleshooting, activation, or network-related inquiries.

To find your ICCID, the unique identifier associated with your SIM card, you can use the following methods:

Find Your ICCID Method #1

1. Grab your Q Link Wireless Mailer

Locate your Q Link Wireless Mailer, the package that your SIM card was delivered in.

2. Turn it over and look for “This Is Your SIM Card Number”

Flip over the mailer and find the section labeled “This Is Your SIM Card Number.”

3. Write down your ICCID number

Write down the ICCID number provided in that section. It is usually a series of digits.

Find your ICCID

Find Your ICCID Method #2

1. Look at your SIM Card​

Take a look at your physical SIM card, which is inserted into your device.

2. Your ICCID is the 19-digit number​

The ICCID is typically printed on the SIM card itself.

Look for a 19-digit number on the card and make a note of it. This is your ICCID.

Find your ICCID

Are you still experiencing any problems?

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