What is Wi-Fi calling?

Wi-Fi calling lets you call or text using your Q Link phone number, but over an active Wi-Fi connection. This feature provides you with a connection, allowing you to make calls and texts in even more situations. With Wi-Fi calling, you can:
  • Talk and text in areas where a signal is unavailable, or there may be gaps in coverage.
  • Talk and text from indoor locations where it may be hard for a strong signal to reach your phone.
Wi-Fi calling allows you to talk and text to any phone number within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands as you do regularly on the Q Link network. You can turn Wi-Fi calling on or off in your phone’s settings. Most iPhones and Android smartphones support Wi-Fi calling. Click here to learn how to turn Wi-Fi calling on or off. Here are some important things to note about Wi-Fi calling:
  • You can use Wi-Fi calling with most Wi-Fi internet connections.
  • For Wi-Fi calling to work, you must turn Wi-Fi calling on, you must register an E911 address, and you must be connected to a Wi-Fi internet network.
  • Wi-Fi calling may not be available in a few countries.