Why do I have a weak signal on my phone?

If your phone’s signal strength is weak, there could be several factors affecting it:

  • You are outside the network’s coverage area
  • You are roaming
  • Your current location has weaker than normal signal strength
  • Factors such as weather, terrain, foliage, traffic volume, or service outages

Here are some potential solutions for poor signal strength:

Use Wi-Fi Networks

Connecting to Wi-Fi networks can usually provide a solid boost to your phone’s signal strength.

Turn “Airplane mode” on and off

Airplane mode will disconnect your phone from the network. By toggling it off and on again, your phone will attempt to reconnect to the closest cell tower. Because closer towers provide better service, causing a forced ‘reconnect’ can, in some cases, provide a stronger signal.

Change locations

You might be out of the network’s coverage range OR your signal could be blocked. Change your physical location until your cellphone receives a stronger signal.

Reset your Network Settings

Resetting your network settings can refresh your connection and yield a stronger signal. Check out our guide on how to perform a network reset.

If you’re still experiencing trouble connecting to our network, feel free to contact customer support at 1-855-754-6543. We’ll be happy to help you get connected!