How can I get a Free Phone?

How can I get a FREE Phone?

You can get a FREE Phone when you successfully transfer your current phone number to Q Link Wireless and complete the one-time copayment of $10.01 for the Tablet. The Tablet offer is funded by the ACP and is only available for customers that have not used their device discount from the ACP program before.

What phone will I get for FREE?

The FREE Phone device varies according to product availability and Q Link Wireless’ inventory.

What happens if I don’t successfully transfer my number to Q Link Wireless?

Don’t worry you have 5 days to complete your transfer number request, you will get emails from us offering support and assistance. If you have any issues transferring your number, you can call us at 1(888) 505-7678 and we’ll gladly help you.

How will I get the New Tablet and FREE Phone?

You will get the Q Link Wireless SIM Card Kit, the Tablet, and the FREE Phone in the mail with FREE Amazon Shipping. It usually takes a few days after checking out to be delivered.

Can I return the FREE Phone?

All sales are final, and no returns are allowed unless it’s due to a device malfunction, in which case you should contact the manufacturer of the device.


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