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Help – I can’t find my Settings

Can’t find your Settings app on your phone? No worries, we have you covered!

Android Devices

Your Settings app is usually associated with this icon Settings and will be titled ‘Settings’. Here are three different ways to find your Settings app:

  1. The All Apps Screen
    Go to Home Screen > swipe or tap All Apps > Locate the Settings icon and tap it
  2. Search Bar
    Go to the Home Screen > swipe or tap All Apps > On the Search bar type in ‘Settings’ > Tap on Settings icon
    Android Quick Settings
  1. Quick Settings Menu
    Swipe down from the top side of the screen. You will then see a compact or expanded view.

If you still can’t find the Settings icon, you’ll have to swipe down again to access the expanded Quick Settings menu. The Settings Icon should then be displayed on the bottom right corner of the menu.

iPhone Devices

Your Settings app is usually associated with this Apple Settings Icon icon and will be titled ‘Settings’. It will normally be found on your home screen.

You may also use the Search tool and type in ‘Settings’ and the app Apple Settings Icon should appear.

Can I Bring My Own Phone to Q Link Wireless?

Yes you can!

Our Bring Your Own Phone program allows you to bring the phone of your choice to our network (if compatible). Just follow these three easy steps to get started:

  1. Check Your Phone’s Compatibility
    To see if your phone is eligible for the BYOP program, enter your IMEI, MEID, or ESN at www.qlinkwireless.com/BYOP.aspx
    To find your phone’s ID, watch this video:

    Or take a look at our guide to finding your IMEI/MEID/ESN on your Android Phone or finding your IMEI/MEID/ESN on your iPhone.

  2. Q Link Setup
    Once you confirm your phone’s compatibility, we’ll let you know if you need a SIM card kit.
    -If you do, we’ll ship it to you for FREE.
    -If you don’t need a SIM card, we’ll activate your phone right away!

  3. Activate Your Phone
    To ensure that your phone is now activated on the Q Link Wireless network, you will need to follow these instructions.
    Be sure to check out our guide on how to back up your phone before performing any form of reset.

Where can I find the IMEI/MEID/ESN number on my iPhone?

There are 3 different ways to find your IMEI/MEID/ESN number on your iPhone. Try any of them.

Option 1:

  • Dial *#06# and the IMEI /MEID/ESN will show on the screen.
    imei in iphone

Option 2:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap About
  4. Scroll down and locate the IMEI/MEID/ESN number.
    find imei in iphone

Option 3:

  1. Insert a paper clip or a SIM-eject tool into the hole beside the tray
  2. Eject the tray
  3. Then view the IMEI number on the tray.
    find imei