How Do I Get a $25 Gift Card for Transferring My Number to Q Link Wireless?

How can I get a $25 Gift Card*?
Q Link Wireless will give you a $25 Gift Card* after you successfully transfer your phone number online from a different phone provider and use your service for at least 35 days. Transferring your phone number to Q Link Wireless is easy! Click here to learn more about transferring your number to Q Link Wireless. See our terms & conditions for more details on our Gift Card offer.



When will I receive my Gift Card* after transferring my number?
Your Gift Card* offer will be applied to your account 35 days after the date you successfully transfer your number to Q Link Wireless. Please note, it may take a few days to become available for you to claim. You will receive an email with instructions to claim your Gift Card*. If your account gets cancelled, or your number is transferred out within this timeframe, no Gift Card will be awarded.



Why will it take 35 days to receive my Gift Card* via email?
We understand waiting can be frustrating. We want to make sure your FREE cell phone service is working perfectly. We take this extra time so you feel comfortable with your new service. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy FREE data, talk & text.



Will I receive my $25 Gift Card* in the mail?
No, you will not receive a physical Gift Card* in the mail. Instead, you will be notified by email with instructions on how to claim your code online and redeem your Gift Card*. Q Link Wireless is not responsible for undeliverable emails and/or failure of response within the time frame required. So make sure you keep an eye out for your notification email!



Will my $25 Gift Card* expire if I don’t claim it?
Yes! You have thirty (30) days from the time you receive instructions on how to claim your Gift Card* before it expires. After you claim your Gift Card*, your funds are free to use whenever you wish. There is no time-limit on when you have to use your Amazon funds. The important part is that you claim your gift before it expires.



How many Gift Cards* can I redeem?
You can only receive one $25 Gift Card* for this offer. This offer can’t be combined with other promotions, offers and/or discounts.



If I already transferred my number, am I eligible to receive a $25 Gift Card*?
You are eligible for this offer if you were approved for FREE government phone service in the last 60 days and selected to receive a $25 Gift Card*. If you already transferred your phone number to    Q Link and did not select this offer you will not receive this promotion.
* Restrictions apply, see
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